Touching Yellowstone

Written on 26 Feb 2016  / Published in News
Touching Yellowstone

Going to the Banana Factory was more than I had expected. I can understand why people like to look at photographs of where they have been. Each photo was equal in beauty. Brian and Cheryl described the pictures and I formed a picture in my mind. As I touched each picture, I was amazed to find that the trees, clouds, water and rocks were exactly as I pictured them, even though I have never seen them!

I would go back to see them again in a heartbeat. Each picture evoked sounds, such as hearing the water, feeling the dampness of the fog. One picture showed ripples in the water, as if someone had thrown a stone into the water. I found that when I touched the ripples, they were as I imagined them in my mind.

I felt as if I had actually been to Yellowstone and wish I could see more.


- Annette





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